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Um in the Coil

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true, but it's all rather silly :)

absurdity, acid jazz, albert camus, alternative comics, armchair philosophy, art, artists, avant-garde, ayn rand, bean bags, black & white photos, black and white, bob dylan, books, botanical treats, brain twinkies, burroughs, buzzing, caesar salad, cartooning, cartoonists, cats, charles bukowski, choc-cola, church of the subgenius, climbing trees, clutter, coffee, collective conciousness, color, comic books, comic strips, comics, comixpress, counter culture, crayons, creation, crooners, crop circles, digital art, digital graphics, digital music, dinah washington, dostoevsky, drawing, drawing comics, egyptian musk, existentialism, fractal compositions, ghost stories, ghost world, ginsberg, gregory corso, gypsies, h. p. lovecraft, henri matisse, hippies, hugs and kisses, ifc, improv, indie comics, jazz, journal comics, kitties, legos, lines, literature, love, lucid dreams, marijuana, mary jane, masturbation, maurice sendak, meditation, menthols, messes, methodical tinkering, michael kelsey, minicomics, monarch migrations, mp3.com, my damn hat., napkin art, nietzsche, noise, oddments, one.org, out of body experiences, patchouli oils, peggy lee, pen & ink, pizza, publishing, radiohead, raman noodles survival gear, rants, raold dahl, satire, scribbling, self publishing, sequential art, slack, stuff, synchronicities, synchronicity, textures, the ink spots, the little prince, the new sincerity, the subconcious, the tao of pooh, the third eye, tom robbins, trees, ultra-lounge, webcomics, well behaved ghosts, women with toe rings, writers, writing, yard sales, yoga, zippitydoodah