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Cheers:) [Oct. 2nd, 2012|06:40 pm]
Just a happy dump of samples :) Hello All! :D


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FlowingWells.. [Sep. 10th, 2010|10:23 am]
Chapter six.

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FlowingWells.. [Sep. 4th, 2010|05:46 am]
Chapter five.

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FlowingWells.. [Aug. 27th, 2010|03:30 pm]
These weeks are just zoom'n by.
As of this Friday's post, FLOWING WELLS celebrates it's 100th page with more in store!:)

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Flowing Wells... [Aug. 21st, 2010|09:28 am]
And - we jump the tracks yet again:)

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FlowingWells.. [Aug. 13th, 2010|03:59 pm]
Let's you, me and Donald continue to jump the tracks together:)

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Flowing Wells... [Aug. 6th, 2010|01:17 pm]
Alrighty folks:)
I've left Donald frozen for way too many Fridays.
Flowing Wells needs to thaw out.:)

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FlowingWells...returns...Friday...47 new pages worth... [Aug. 2nd, 2010|07:19 pm]

You thought it was strange before...
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some sort'a...? [Jul. 19th, 2010|06:44 pm]
Some several weeks ago I happened upon this curious video of what has been tagged as a "spiral UFO"...

...found out soon after that the Russian Ministry of Defense claims it was the result of a missle launched from a sub in the White Sea failing in it's third stage and spiralling odd thing, but fair enough...I moved on, perplexed as might be expected, but it is a kooky fucking planet, granted.

Curious thing though ( and you're obliged to look for yourself ), that this spiral ufo phenomenon has recently been filmed over China, Wales, Australia, another one in the skies over Moscow. And to make this further curious, the Australian spiral is claimed to be the result of a failed missle launch shot from Cape Canaveral. - Rrreeaallyyy then? However, "the time of the launch was 18.45 GMT, which translates to 4.45am EST. The duration of the flight was nine minutes 38 seconds. This is a full hour before the reported sightings."

I don't know what's up, certainly, but it's far more curious than the mid-day nap I had entertained a half an hour ago:)
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It's been a while... [Jul. 13th, 2010|01:51 am]
Tom Waits orange

How do ya do?

As it so happens, I'm currently in Tacoma Washington, and while I usually like to steer well clear of those ocassional nexuses of all that is unholy, I'll be working on a crew this coming morning, setting up and tearing down ( of all horrors ) a Justin Bieber concert.
All the same, I'm blessed and bobbing about as such.
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